20 Pakistani Celebrities Who Married again & again And It’s OKAY!



They say that “the secret to a happy marriage remains a secret” and for many of us, married or not, we are still trying to figure out what that secret is. In Pakistan, divorce is not looked upon very highly and so when a man leaves a woman or a woman leaves a man – society talks. Marriage is a very personal decision and so is divorce – our society must learn to mind their own business – you can never truly know why someone left another. Today we are here to show you that divorce should not ever be your first option, but it should be an option. You must try to save your marriage, but you must also try to save your happiness. Here are 20 Pakistani celebrities who have married more than once and it’s okay!

1. Noor Bukhari

This is Noor’s 4th marriage. She tied the knot in April, 2015 with, co-actor, Wali Hamid Ali Khan.

Source; Ishq Positive Official
Source; Ishq Positive Official

2. Faisal Qureshi

Faisal Qureshi married thrice. Currently he is married to a girl named Sana and is living a very happy life.

Source: flickr.com
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